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Neck Hump Device

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Neck Hump Device is the perfect non-surgical treatment option that targets the accumulated layer of fat on the area behind the neck. This quick and inexpensive solution effectively reduces the ugly-looking Neck Hump. The main goal of treating Neck Hump is to reduce the extra layer of fat at the back of the neck and manage discomfort. Neck Hum Device is equipped with Far Infrared and Ultrasonic Heatwaves, which get deep into the skin and break down the extra fat layer to reduce the hump ultimately. This portable device also eliminates the need for expensive sessions by a physical therapist. With just 15 mins of regular massage, you will soon notice a reduction in discomfort and improvement in Neck Hump symptoms.

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2 reviews for Neck Hump Device

  1. James

    The neck hump device is the only thing I have felt helpful in reducing the fat on the back of my neck. I have been using it for weeks, and a visible difference is evident. Shirts fit differently and I even notice little things like the way my head rests in bed while I sleep. It works!

  2. Indira

    I love this device because I feel  a little self-conscious.   I have about a 3” hump that used to measure at about 4”.  Its slow progress but damn it, it’s real progress.  And it sure beats cosmetic surgery for $15,000 or more.  The gel seems to burn just a little, I think it has menthol but it’s not too uncomfortable to use.

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