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Know What Causes a Neck Hump and How to Treat it Naturally

A slouched neck can impact the personality and adversely affect an individual’s confidence level. People with neck humps report feeling shy to attend events or parties because of their body shape. But you should not lose heart if you’re suffering from this condition. This condition can be treated easily with a positive attitude and proper treatment. Read this blog to learn what causes a neck hump and how to treat it without surgery. 

What Causes the Hump on The Back of Your Neck?

Many factors may contribute to the development of this condition. The most common factors among them are – 

  1. Hereditary – The neck hump condition is sometimes believed to run in families. Chances are that if your ancestors have this disease, you may also develop it. 
  2. Aging – A neck hump may appear as you grow older. Your body can slump or bend with age, resulting in mass accumulation near your neck area. 
  3. Poor Posture – The most highlighted cause of a neck hump is poor sitting posture. It makes your upper back muscles weak leading to the growth of a hump at the base of your neck.
  4. Obesity – Excessive fat deposition on the back of your neck also results in a neck hump.

Reduce Your Neck Hump Fat by Trying – 

No matter what causes the hump on the back of your neckfollowing the below-mentioned guidelines may help reduce it – 

  1. Balled-up Sock Exercise – Take two socks and roll them to make a ball. Then lean against a wall while positioning the balled-up sock between your neck hump and the wall. Then, move your head left and right, up and down, or do head rolls for a few minutes. It will help stretch the muscles around the neck. 
  2. Regular Yoga Practice – Doing yoga for one hour daily, three times per week, can significantly reduce the hump on your neck. Enroll for the experienced yoga instructor near you who holds rich experience. 
  3. Exercises Instructed by a Therapist – Go to a physical therapist who can advise you about practical exercises that help treat this body condition. Seek therapeutic advice from your trusted doctor. Visit the therapist and perform the exercises recommended to you to treat the hump on your neck.
  4. Gentle Massage – You may buy a neck hump treatment device with which you can regularly massage your neck area. It can help reduce the fat accumulation behind your neck, thus decreasing the hump appearance. The device should move smoothly and comfortably to massage alone without asking for anyone’s help. 

Preventive Tips 

Now that you know what causes a neck hump, it becomes crucial to understand how to prevent it from getting worse by taking some preventive measures – 

  • Visit Your Doctor Early – Quickly seek the guidance of your doctor when you feel that mass is accumulating around your neck area. Early diagnosis can alleviate the chances of turning it into a severe disease. 
  • Improve your Sitting Posture – Bad posture puts heavy stress along the vertebrate at the base of your neck. Practice sitting straight with your shoulders back and head lifted to the right level. 

Note – Do not use your phone for prolonged hours by hunching forward. It would be best to be well-positioned whether you are reading or watching a screen. 

  • Consume Healthy Food – Increase calcium intake in your diet if you’re over fifty. Practice eating a healthy diet to keep obesity at bay, as obesity significantly contributes to fat accumulation around the neck. 
  • Stay Active – Try gentle stretches. Set a daily routine -Wake up early, go outdoors, and exercise in the fresh air. 

A bump on the back of the neck can severely impact body posture and aesthetics. If you are suffering from this condition, you should treat it early and restore your ideal body shape. The condition can be managed effectively at home with above listed natural remedies or by trying a neck hump treatment device. 

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